• Company profile

    Since 1965, Gama Reklam has been producing fast and economical solutions for both local and international dealership studies and corporate identity projects of the world's famous brands,both in outdoor and indoor applications.

    A huge part of the corporate identity portfolio of Gama Reklam consists of fuel companies, banks, automotive companies and restaurant chains.

    With its' engineering, design, architecture teams and certificated workers each are experts in their area , Gama Reklam provides project design, appropriate and economical material selection, solution of technical details, preparation of prototoype, mounting services to you valuable customers.

    For more than 50 years, Gama has implemented its' works with customer-oriented philosophy and owes its' improving to the power of customer satisfaction. With the desire and wish to see you in our satisfied customer portfolio...

  • Vision

    As today, we aim to improve and to exceed the expectations of our local and international customers with the trust and valuable support of them in the future. We realize that any kind of poor quality is wasted.

  • Mission

    By investing in our strong technical capacity and knowledge; our mission is to be a leading global company in advertising sector providing fast, economic and quality solutions to our customers without compromising health, safety and environmental factors.

  • Quality policy

    We continuously aim to exceed and improve the expectations of our local and international customers by their trust and support.

    Honesty, diligence, being respectful to the time and environment are our irreplaceable principles.Taking into account all the requirements of the outdoor advertising sector, we will continuously review and improve all of our efforts with a risk-oriented approach. We are aware of the fact that any kind of poor quality cost is a waste.

    We believe that employee satisfaction in a continuously improving environment and their active participation will enforce our progress in realisation of our mission and goals.

  • OHS Policy

    By acting as "The best way to do a job, is the safest one" principle, our main objectives to prevent work accidents and protect the health of our employees are;

    To comply with all local and national laws, regulations and standards related to OHS issues and to act in this direction,

    To evaluate all risks related to occupational diseases and OHS and to take protective measures,

    To eliminate the hazards at the source with the participation of all our employees and to adopt the principle of "Zero Occupational Accidents",

    To ensure that our employees receive all kinds of OHS training in order to achieve success and to continuously improve them.

    Successful implementation of OHS is only possible with the joint work and support of all employees. Therefore, OHS practices are the responsibility of all employees and an indispensable part of the corporate culture.

  • Environmental policy

    Respect for the environment is one's respect for himself. With this philosophy; our objectives for a green world , which is our common future , and a clean & healthy environment are :

    Using our raw materials and energy resources efficiently, Reducing and eliminating pollution within its source by minimizing our wastes,

    Designing and producing our products in a way that is easy to assemble and separate so that they do not become unused garbage,

    Obtaining useful wastes by using recyclable materials and to recover them again.

    In order to achieve all these objectives, we aim to ensure that all our employees gain environmental awareness and perform actively in a continual development athmosphere.

  • Work Ethics Policy

    Accuracy and honesty are our priority values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relationships with employees and all our stakeholders.

    To Encourage employees to contribute to the planning and management of jobs, Making decisions about employees according to the qualifications, performance, skills and experience of the employee, To consider the ethical dimensions of our activities, To never tolerate any form of corruption, including bribery, Respecting people and the environment, To act with social responsibility awareness, In personnel selection, no gender discrimination is made and appropriate people are selected for the appropriate job, Not to allow mobing in the workplace (psychological violence, oppression, siege, harassment, disturbance); Ensures the continuity of working peace.

  • Our Certificates

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